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Current Programs

Our programs have been thoughtfully developed to empower both individuals and organizations with the skills necessary to excel within today's rapidly evolving sustainability landscape. Tailored to cater to the needs of working professionals and future professionals, these programs are an ideal opportunity for those dedicated to driving meaningful sustainability action while ensuring a competitive edge in their careers. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations including the Sustainable Technology Evaluation Program (STEP), the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE), the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), Canadore College, and McMaster University’s W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology - we ensure a comprehensive learning experience that seamlessly blends academic excellence with real-world applicability through our online and in-person programs.


Sustainable Infrastructure

Low-Impact Development 

& Climate Resilience

The program educates professionals on designing, constructing, and maintaining resilient green infrastructure to manage stormwater effectively in the face of climate change, emphasizing design assessment, lifecycle costing, and performance verification.

Design & Engineering

A comprehensive program focusing on integrating sustainability and climate resilience into infrastructure design, covering various aspects such as energy, water management, waste management, etc. Participants also have the opportunity to obtain a dual credential by completing the course and taking the Envision exam at no additional cost.

Envision Sustainability
Professional (ENV SP)

Our courses are now approved by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) as a credential maintenance option for existing ENV SP members. 

Engineered Green Infrastructure/LID Training

Learners can now complete individual courses from the Low-Impact Development & Climate Resilience program.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

The program educates on transitioning from a linear model of "take, make, waste" to a systematic approach emphasizing material reuse, resource circularity, and the elimination of wasted resources, addressing economic, environmental, and resource pressures.

Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation: Integrating Circular Economy and Biomimicry into Climate Action

This course is uniquely structured for learners to engage in experiential, impact-focused education. As part of the course, you will contribute to the carbon uptake of the Canadore forest through strategic planning, planting and monitoring of the lands.

Carbon Sequestration
& Nature-Based Solutions

Carbon Sequestration & Nature-Based Solutions

Understanding carbon measurement in a forest, voluntary and regulated carbon markets, and how nature-based carbon offsets are developed is integral to supporting a net-zero strategy for any organization. You will plant a section of the Long Point Eco-Adventures forest based on a sustainable forestry plan with features that add to the carbon uptake at the site.

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