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Carbon Sequestration & NBS (October 11-13, 2023)

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Nature-based solutions (NBS) through forestry and land use improvement account for the largest proportion and growth of carbon credits. Understanding carbon measurement in a forest, voluntary and regulated carbon markets, and how nature-based carbon offsets are developed is integral to supporting a net-zero strategy for any organization. The Carbon Sequestration & Nature-Based Solutions professional certificate course will provide you access to knowledge, case studies, and tools to navigate climate change challenges for your organization from any level. This course is uniquely structured for learners to engage in experiential, impact-based education. You will plant a unique section of the Long Point EcoAdventures forest based on a sustainable forestry plan, meeting carbon credit requirements with unique features that add to the carbon uptake at the site – all of which will be developed by you and your peers during the course. By the end of the 3-day course, you will have highly sought-after knowledge and hands-on experience…and you will have created a positive impact!

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Carbon Sequestration & NBS (October 11-13, 2023)

Carbon Sequestration & NBS (October 11-13, 2023)

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